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Color Services

Hair Coloring

All Over Color

Starts at $105

Retouch Color

Starts at $85


Starts at $185

Hairline Highlights

Starts at $75

Partial Head Highlights (includes smudge/glaze)

Starts at $125

Half Head Highlights  (includes smudge/glaze)

Starts at $155

Full Head Highlights (includes smudge/glaze)

Starts at $185

Hair Glaze (Toner)

Starts at $45

Root Smudge

Starts at $45

Cutting Services

Women's Hair Cut


Haircutting Services
Guys Hair Cut


Toddler Hair Cut: Ages 0-4


Kid Hair Cut: Ages 5-12


Teenage Girls Hair Cut: Ages 13-18


Teenage Boys Hair Cut: Ages 13-18


Extensions Services

Beaded Weft Extensions

Each Row is: $115 + Cost of Hair

Keratin Bonds

$160 Per Bag (4-6 bags is the average amount)


$125 Per Bag (4-6 bags is the average amount)


$250 For Full Head (2-3 bags)

$150 For Half Head


$100 for Lesson, Cut & Style + Cost of the Hair

Extensions Services
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