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Mom Boss

I'm a mom of 2, a wife to Johnny, and a hair/makeup artist to many lovely humans.

I can't believe I am finally doing this! I've wanted to create a website/blog for quite some time, but ya know, life gets busy.

"Push yourself, because no one else is going to do it for you"

So true! I just recently quite my desk job I was at for the past 10 years. It was the family business and it was a great place to be. However, that meant after an 8-5, I was doing hair from a 5-11 a few nights a week.


After I had kids I started working part-time. and now, I quit the desk job and I do hair every evening once husband gets home from work! Over Christmas we finished our basement and I have my own home salon and it feels great to be in a place that I am able to be with my kids all day, and work in the evenings. I'm so grateful I get to help provide for my family, and raise my kids at the same time!

My clients are always asking my opinion on products and I love educating them about the new trends! This blog will have alot of product reviews and I hope it is helpful for you in picking out the best products for you!

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